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"There'll probably be some music, but we'll manage to find a quiet corner where we can talk."

-Erik Satie

New York City-based Dutch drummer, pianist and composer Flin van Hemmen presents an ambitious double album with his long-standing trio. This release is a followup to his 2016 debut album Drums of Days (also on Neither/Nor Records). In Casting Spells & The Coves Flin further focuses on his compositions and production. In his writing he explores haunting dark melodies and ever more mysterious forms. In the production aspects he delves deep into the minute sonic details employing a wide variety of sound processors, effects, overlaid tracks, field recordings, etc. The overall effect is a blend of "live playing" and processing/post-production where the two aspects are completely integrated and inseparable.

Casting Spells and The Coves are twin albums, each featuring eleven original compositions. Casting Spells is tracks 1-11, The Coves is tracks 12-22. Each album was conceived as a suite which strings the tracks together for two continuous 40+ minute listening sessions.


Todd Neufeld - acoustic guitar

Eivind Opsvik - double bass, glockenspiel

Flin van Hemmen - piano, farfisa, percussion

The Weather Meadows II features Miriam Atkin reading her poem ‘Runner’s Rear.’ Stilleven and Linedancing contain samples from recordings by Ben Gerstein.

Recorded by Joe Branciforte at Todd and Rema’s home, Brooklyn, NY on April 27, 2017. Mixed by Flin van Hemmen. Mastered by Joe Branciforte. All music by Flin van Hemmen. Casting Spells cover photo by unknown, The Coves cover photo and dogs photo by Ben Gerstein. Design by Carlo Costa.

Release date: September 27th, 2019

Flin van Hemmen, Casting Spells & The Coves (n/n 012)