Neither/Nor Records

Earth Tongues, Atem (n/n 013) 



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Atem, the third release on Neither/Nor Records by the New York-based trio Earth Tongues, represents a new phase in the ensemble's development of improvised forms. Developed and recorded at a group residency at Brooklyn's Pioneer Works, the album is the group's most confrontational and focused to date, combining a magnified universe of subtle textures and tones with shifting layers delivered in a dense, breathing mass. Atem presents Earth Tongues' group dynamic of impromptu composition in a form that both beckons and overwhelms.


Joe Moffett - trumpet, objects

Dan Peck - tuba, cassette player, objects

Carlo Costa - percussion

Recorded by Justin Frye at Pioneer Works, Brooklyn, NY on August 8th , 2017. Mixed and mastered by Nathaniel Morgan. All music by Earth Tongues. Photograph by Joe Moffett. Design by Carlo Costa.

Release date: October 31, 2019